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Top Five Places To Install Your Wine Cooler

Wine Cooler

So you’ve saved up a lot and you’re finally ready to get that inbuilt wine cooler you’ve always desired.  But you’re also faced with deciding which wine cooler to get and where to place it in your house.

This ordeal can be quite challenging and fascinating at the same time because you’ll have to put in your best creativity to maintain a perfect aesthetic appeal to your home. You’ll also need to choose an appropriate place that won’t interfere with your movement or cause environmental stress.

One thing you should consider first is where you always take your wine comfortably and where you can easily access it. There are a lot of wine coolers you can get in the wine cooler shop.

It’s important to note that it depends entirely on your choice and budget when choosing a wine cooler. Some high-quality built-in wine coolers are designed to be placed anywhere because of their features. They are designed to absorb the intake of sunlight exposure and maintain a normal temperature, notwithstanding any unfavorable conditions.

There are still some places in your house where you can install any type of wine cooler.

Here are some perfect places to install your wine cooler in your house.

1. Kitchen

The kitchen is one of the prominent places where people store and keep their beverages and wine. If you always want to sip a glass of wine while preparing a meal, the kitchen is always convenient to have a wine cooler installed. Moreso, you may have your guests or friends gather in your kitchen while cooking.

A glass of wine would help with socialization. If you have a wine cooler built under your kitchen counter, it saves a lot of space in your home, and more interestingly, when you want to sell your house, you can sell it for a higher value because it will look attractive and unique to people.

2. Dining Room

Like the kitchen, the dining room is another place to install your wine cooler if you love to take it because you can easily entertain your guests or friends when you’re having a social gathering or occasion.

Having your wine cooler installed on the wall in your dining room, solves the problem of people moving and bumping their legs on your wall cooler. It’s a better option to install the wine cooler far away from the door so people will not have to keep tugging on the handle of the wine cooler.

3. Basements 

Basements are another great place to install large wine coolers. The temperature there will be better compared to other parts of the house. This will preserve the wine a great deal as wines are affected by temperatures.

Moreso, since the basement always has fewer activities and furniture, it will have enough space for any size of wine cooler you decide on. One setback is the stress of having to go up and down the basement to get wines. It can be an unpleasant situation if you have guests and need to entertain them.

4. In A Cellar

Wine cellars are good ways to store wine. They can store wines at a normal temperature, but you’ll still need to put them in a cooler and put them in a cellar if you need them to have a perfect storage temperature.

5. Living Room

The living room is usually the first place your guests sit, making it a great location to store your wine cooler. Your collection can be the area’s focal point, and everyone will have easy access to it. You won’t miss out on any of the fun and will be able to serve your visitors more efficiently.


When installing your wine cooler, you should always consider the space, your budget, and how convenient it will be. You don’t need to install a wine cooler that will take up a large portion of space in your house causing unstable movement and tassel.