Using Colour (Dodge & Burn)

Welcome to another editing video.

This quick little video has been slowed down, just enough, for you to watch the section where I am doing the contouring on the skin. This is commonly know as Dodge and Burn.
I did use the colour Look Up Table to colour the image you can find our more here
Back in the ages ago time, when proper photographer used film, it had to be developed using chemicals, during this stage, one could, if practiced, over expose (Dodge) and underexpose different parts of the negative letting the light (Burn) in and thus darken some other elements. This process was taken over into digital editing and this is why you hear people talking about dodge and burn.

Full blog is here:-

All editing and photography by Dave Kai Piper
Music by – Josh and Tony Friend
Camera Settings -125th / f6.3 / 100iso
Shot blending Flash & Ambient & SB900 & Orbis Ringflash
Full edit took 28mins in realtime.
Thank you to Chloe-Jasmine, Elizbeth Conner, Morgan DeFre, Vicky Waghorn, Laura Eve Thyer & Sarah Beaufoy
Model – Chloe-Jasmine (Metro Models)
MakeUp – Morgan DeFre, Vicky Waghorn,


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