When working natural light images, I like to work with an editing style that still comes over as a Ideas & Images image.

The image in this video was a natural light shoot that we have edited up to have a little punch and fashion feel. You can see how effective using colours as your dodge and burn layers is so much more natural and controllable.

In this image you can see the applying of to layers of burning, using the colour picker to select the right tone to match the make up. This is then painted on a Softlight Blend mode and faded down to suit.

You can always over paint ( make the effect more than you need ) then tone it back in the blending. This does give you fair more control. (you will see this with the make up on the eye in particular)

Thank you to  (Ryan Hamilton / Jaret Reddick) for the wonderful soundtrack
 / https://twitter.com/PeopleOnVaca

Thank you to Jarret & Ryan for the soundtrack – Please check out People on Vacation.

Using some simple tricks and tips to save time, we have highlighted key features:

  • Eyes
  • Jawline
  • Lips
  • Make up
  • Skin

100% Crop – Canon 5Dm3

As you watch the video you will see a number of things,

  • The Imagenomic plug in was used to add some luminosity and ‘glow’ to the skin
  • Masks are used to blend the elements together
  • A drop and drag method is used to tone the image from a pre-made PSD file
  • The hair was kept frizzy
  • The background was cleaned up last (to see how much I could leave after toning)
  • An Exposure layer was used to highlight the face  and shape the light.
  • Colour Lookup Modes are used to tone the images


All editing and photography by Dave Kai Piper
Music by People On Vacation (Cover of Pink’s Blow Me)
Thank you to Chloe-Jasmine
Model – Indie Heaslip (Gingersnap)
MakeUp – Chloe-Jasmine Whichello (Metro)
500th / f2.8 / 125iso /Sigma 105mm /Ambient Light – Cloudy Day

Edited using Photoshop CC & Premiere Pro CC full edit took 32mins in realtime.

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