FujiFilm X-Pro1 & X-T1


Some photographers spend their days waiting, some spend their lives waiting. Some spend their hours crafting and creating, some document from distance and there are those who record, who impose and intrude.

For some it is a release, an adventure of sorts. There are those who are practice in private and some who flaunt exuberance and flair in such lavish styles. There are those to which photography is a commercially driven need.

Photography can create celebrity or convey the downfalls of empires.

They say the art of genius is to make the complex simple. So, it might not be so easy to explain why I simply love the X-Pro.
For me, in a camera, I look for a companion along a journey. If my X-Pro could talk, I only wonder of the stories it would tell…

Along with Alex Lambrechts, Kevin Mullins & David Cleland, I am super delighted to have an image in the 2014 Fuji Film X-Photographers Book

2014-02-22 12.20.21

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Mixed Lighting & the X-Pro
Fuji – Just another camera company?
The Fuji, The Filters and the Tripod
Fuji Mount Plate – Swiss
The Best Camera is …..
Room 517 – X-Pro
Fuji Interview with Photo Pro Magazine

Please enjoy and share these images as much as we have enjoyed making them.

I have tried to include as much as I can can from locations such as Marrakech, London, Washington DC, New York, Bristol, Virginia, Birmingham among many other cities and towns.

We love using:

CSC Tripod (Keith) from 3 Legged thing & Frank using the Smaller AH-0 Head
Lee Filter Seven 5 (CSC size) Filter kit.
Pocket Wizard TT5 Flash Sync
Lexar Class 10 Memory cards.
The 35mm, 18mm, 60mm and 18-55mm lenses are used in this gallery.
Spare battery power is a must, we only use the Fuji battery packs.

Tripod plates from PhotoMadd - https://photomaddshop.com/

Currently we are using the Domke range of bags with the Peli hard Cases for longer trips.








Jammy Lou in Coombe Abby

Dave Kai Piper fuji gallery--55Dave Kai Piper fuji gallery--54Dave Kai Piper portfolio gallery-060420130124Dave Kai Piper portfolio gallery-070520130133

DSCF3301 DSCF1028-Edit

Dave Kai Piper fuji gallery--53

Dave Kai Piper portfolio gallery--48 Dave Kai Piper portfolio gallery--50 Dave Kai Piper portfolio gallery--49

Dave Kai Piper portfolio gallery-081020130041 Dave Kai Piper portfolio gallery-082220120139 Dave Kai Piper portfolio gallery-081320120137

Dave Kai Piper fuji gallery--52 Dave Kai Piper fuji gallery--51

Dave Kai Piper portfolio gallery-082620120071 Dave Kai Piper portfolio gallery-082620120070 Dave Kai Piper portfolio gallery-081420120073

Dave Kai Piper fuji gallery--50

 Dave Kai Piper fuji gallery--49 Dave Kai Piper fuji gallery--26 Dave Kai Piper music gallery-6617 Dave Kai Piper music gallery-6540 Dave Kai Piper music gallery-6487

Dave Kai Piper portfolio gallery-070520130133 Dave Kai Piper portfolio gallery-070520130103 Dave Kai Piper portfolio gallery-063020130108

Dave Kai Piper fuji gallery--25

Dave Kai Piper fuji gallery--11

Dave Kai Piper portfolio gallery-060420130131 Dave Kai Piper portfolio gallery-060420130124 Dave Kai Piper portfolio gallery-051120130111 Dave Kai Piper portfolio gallery-030820130101

Dave Kai Piper music gallery-6450Dave Kai Piper music gallery-6409Dave Kai Piper music gallery-6369

Dave Kai Piper fuji gallery--6 Dave Kai Piper fuji gallery--5

Dave Kai Piper fuji gallery--4 Dave Kai Piper fuji gallery--3

Dave Kai Piper music gallery-6341 Dave Kai Piper music gallery-6317 Dave Kai Piper music gallery-6299

Dave Kai Piper music gallery-6688 Dave Kai Piper music gallery-6635 Dave Kai Piper fuji gallery-2-2

Dave Kai Piper fuji gallery-2 Dave Kai Piper fuji gallery- Dave Kai Piper music gallery-6617

Dave Kai Piper fuji gallery--14 Dave Kai Piper fuji gallery--13 Dave Kai Piper fuji gallery--12

Dave Kai Piper fuji gallery--18 Dave Kai Piper fuji gallery--17 Dave Kai Piper fuji gallery--16 Dave Kai Piper fuji gallery--15

Dave Kai Piper fuji gallery--22 Dave Kai Piper fuji gallery--21 Dave Kai Piper fuji gallery--20

Dave Kai Piper fuji gallery--40 Dave Kai Piper fuji gallery--39

Dave Kai Piper portfolio gallery-081520120138 Dave Kai Piper portfolio gallery-081220120072 Dave Kai Piper portfolio gallery-121 Dave Kai Piper portfolio gallery-082820120143

Dave Kai Piper fuji gallery--38Dave Kai Piper portfolio gallery-082820120142Dave Kai Piper portfolio gallery-081220120072   Dave Kai Piper fuji gallery--48Dave Kai Piper fuji gallery--47

Dave Kai Piper fuji gallery-150   Dave Kai Piper fuji gallery--56 Dave Kai Piper fuji gallery--55 Dave Kai Piper fuji gallery--54   Dave Kai Piper fuji gallery--28 - Copy Dave Kai Piper fuji gallery-2161

Dave Kai Piper portfolio gallery--8