Dave Kai Piper shooting Jammy-4


MUA- Penny Grimley / Model – Jammy Lou / Assit- Paul McKelvie
Canon 5dm2 – Sigma 105mm
Single Speedlight- Orbis Ring Flash
Edited using the Horror Blue filter.

The Colour Look up mode is maybe THE most amazing new thing that Adobe have put in to the Creative Cloud  for a long time.  If you are looking to make some funky colours or just minor subtle adjustments, look no more!! This is pretty much the only way I do things these days. I used to use this rather fun, but complex duotone method.. but.. thank you Adobe !! You have saved me hours and hours  :)

The draw back – is that you can not create your own filters…  at the moment…. in an easy way. If you have CC and you have SpeedGrade, you can make your own. It is tricky but do able.  The last couple of images are custom files that I have created for clients to match exact needs.  Also… for the developers – as someone points on on Kost’s blog. There are some things about CYMK & 3dLUT’s and TGA files.  For the most part, most people reading this will be blown away with that comes as standard in the program and don’t forget you can use these as smart objects, and in all the layer blend modes etc…   Enjoy !

Julieanne says’

Historically, LUTs have been used primarily by the film industry as they’re an excellent way to apply  color adjustments from one application in another application that may not share the same math. For instance, a film workflow may involve 6 different compositing and rendering applications — some with good color adjustments and some without. If they create one 3DLUT that contains all of their adjustments, then they can use that LUT in all the applications to get their desired look. In the film and video industry, they may have LUTs for source normalization, scene color correction, creative color appearance and output simulation.

This video from the Adobe Channel says pretty much all I could say and way better than I could ! Thank you  Julieanne !

The concept of the Look Up mode is something taken over from the film industry and plugged into Photoshop for all you lucky people to have a place about with.

On here you can see a few examples I have created and used for some beauty images, There are also some screen shots of the open layers and a little cool animation gif, as I am trying to be trendy.

In a nut shell, Colour Look up mode is totally amazing and reworked my entire workflow, yet as I ask around, not many people are using it !!

(Check out Julieanne Kost’s blog  if you want to have some more info)

Colour_Lookup_Mode 2013-12-13_1220 DKP-ColourLookUp

Dave Kai Piper shooting Jammy-3MUA- Penny Grimly / Model – Jammy Lou / Assit- Paul McKelvie
Canon 5dm2 – Sigma 105mm
Single Speedlight- Orbis Ring Flash

Dave Kai Piper shooting Juliette P-1

Model – Juliette Peigney / Pentax 645d – 90mm 2.8 / Lupolux Light

Dave Kai Piper shooting Faye Raven-2-2

MUA- Penny Grimly / Model – Fae Raven /
Pentax 645d – 55m 2.8
Single bare bulb – 400ww Nano


MUA- Candy Alderson / Model – Anita De Bauch / Dress – Beyond Burlesque
Fuji Film X-Pro 1 – 60mm 2.8 Fuji
Large Softbox – 400ww Nano


Below is a full build GIF – Layer by Layer – Enjoy !!


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