A screen capture beauty edit -Beauty Edit – Amelia

From Lightroom to Photoshop and back again, this is another DKP, whirlwind screen capture of a beauty edit using the colour lookup mode to finish an image. In this video I used the high frequency separation method to smooth the skin and add some areas of sharpness, followed by a couple of layers in softlight mode to contour and shape the skin. Darker areas added to enhance the lighting.

The full edit took 32min in realtime.

Dave Kai Piper shooting Amelia Raven-5

To start with, I just used the spot healing tool to go over the image and clean up any larger elements that I didn’t want in the image. These are things such as sensor spots, skin blemishes or stray hairs.

I then used the High Frequency separation method to give me a way to smooth the skin tones while looking after skin detail. Duplicating and masking back the detail layer is great way to add some sharping when controlled with a layermask. *check out the video at the bottom if you want to know about High Frequency separation*

The lips had a little filling out and colour adding, then I moved on to the hair line and skin contouring.  Using the colour picker to pick up a nice skin tone and then making it 2 stops darker, I made a pair of layers into soft light mode and contoured the skin (one light and one dark ).

They say the eyes are the windows to the soul, so lets have them looking sparkly. Add some white in softlight mode to give a little lift. A little boost of colour can help too.

Once the eyes are sorted, I went back to make the lips look just and wonderful as the eyes. The trick is is keeping things real and subtle.

Below is a layer by layer GIF animated to show the build up.


he next step is the fun step !!  Using a number of gradient layers, masking and colour lookup modes, you can go to town playing about with the final toning over the image.
Below are a number of different finishes using different modes and tones.

Thank you to our lovely model – Amelia Raven (Alan Sharman Agency)
Our stunning make up was by- Laurie Wright

125th / f10 / 200iso
Shot on a Fuji X-Pro with a single light source from a 400w nano head using a 35 inch square softbox.

Edited using Photoshop CC & Premiere Pro CC

Music by Mallory Knox: Oceans (acoustic) Wolf at your door records (2013)
Live acoustic version of Oceans taken from the Pilot Acoustic EP~
Pilot acoustic is available to buy on iTunes on A Wolf At Your Door records at this link:



*If you want know more about the High Frequency separation method- check this video out*

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  1. Chrissy

    I watched this vedio and i tried it! I Had to it got me in the mood to try it, this was my finished result toke me around 45 minutes but it worked not as good but i must say im well proud and now this is a new way of editing for me, getting right in and taken time on my images! :) :D

  2. Dave Kai Piper

    Looks ace !! did you do much to the tones ?

  3. Chrissy

    Heres the before and after image!

  4. Peter

    Great Work!, would be great to see the video at normal speed! how much? lol :)

  5. sridhar

    Hi could u pls post d video in normal speed

  6. Dave Kai Piper

    At the moment we are working on a set of videos that will be on sale. These will be full length versions & at normal speed.

  7. sridhar

    Thanks dave for the info.What could be d price :(

  8. Thomas Jessen

    What lens did you put on your X Pro? They are very sharp your images!

  9. Dave Kai Piper

    These are mostly shot on the 60mm , but to be honest, all the lenses in the range are super sharp.

  10. PhotoOp

    Sorry, I hate it. It just looks completely unnatural. Liked the original picture better. It tuned out not being about photography anymore.

  11. Dave Kai Piper

    That’s OK ! This is one of the reasons I love photography ! There are many different ways to look at the same thing, With this image i was trying to make an inspirational image of beauty. This was not an attempt at reportage.

    The fact that each person can use photography in its core and do different things with it is amazing.

  12. Damian Deßler

    Wow, very nice! Besides the skin “refactoring” :), I like the finishing colour in the photo.
    Is the last touch on your photo (the light blue tone) similar to the split tone feature in lightroom?

  13. Dave Kai Piper

    it kinda is and kinda isn’t at the same time.. Photoshop gives you fare more control of how the tones are applied. :)

  14. Jorge Ledesma

    Excellent work, thanks for sharing! Without a doubt the 60mm will be my next lens even before the 56mm 1.2. Cheers.

  15. Dave Kai Piper

    It is an amazing lens

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