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Ameila is a great model and Penny Grimley is always a pure delight to work with too. So when the chance to shoot with both of them together I had to just jump at the chance.

It had been a while since shooting on the D800, which was quite the amazing camera for this shoot. We used big lighting with the Elinchrom Pro Zoom heads and the 3000w Ringflash.  All the images were shoot at iso50 and ranged from f16 to f22 to suppress the light as much as possible.  We used a mix of hard and soft light from the deep Octa and Silver Maxisoft Dish.  The octabox had both diffusion panels while the 70cm beauty dish had a grid attached to focus and diffuse the light. The contrasting light was used as a key and fill light. Over the next few days, I will be updating the blog with the ringflash images.

It should be also pointed out that the Sigma 35mm was just amazing, I knew it was already, but this was the first time shoot with it in Nikon fit on the D800.  I am SUPER impressed with this lens and really looking forward to seeing how good the new 50mm will be. The 105mm Sigma was also just amazing, I have shot with this lens many times before on the D800 though. Sigma are making some amazing things these days.

It was a nice change to shoot with a high MP camera and shooting tethered via USB and the super fast teathertools cables was also great for Penny to keep an eye on the make up as Milly and I shot away.  Do check out Tether Tools, you can get them here –

This is a screen capture edit showing the editing process of one of the images in this blog.  It just quickly shows the editing method for the skin retouch using the Mixer Brush and the stamp and clone tools for cleaning up skin and then over laying colour using the Gradient Map function. All of the images below are edited the same way.

The light from this dish is amazing – if you have not shot with these sorts of grids – do check out Frank Doorhofs video –

Lingerie – Fleur of England and M & S
Sheer dress – Christina Adami
Location – Coombe Abbey

Nikon D800 / Sigma 35mm & 105mm
Lighting -2 x Elinchrom Pro Zoom HD head
[Deep 100cm Octa & 70cm Silver Maxisoft Dish + 70cm Grid ]

A budior image taken at Coombe Abbey hotel. Hair & Make up by Penny Grimley

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